Metropolitan Chicago Water

3.1-01-Chicago 2109 Regional Waste and Storm Water Issues

Chicago Watershed Issues

3.1-02-Illinois Watersheds

Illinois Watersheds

3.1-03-Northeastern Illinois - Metro Chicago Watersheds (seven counties)

Northeastern Illinois Watersheds

3.1-04-Pre-19th Century Metro Chicago sub-continental divide

Pre-19th Century Chicago

3.1-05-Chicago Sanitary and Ship Canal under construction (1896)


3.1-06-Chicago Sanitary and Ship Canal (2007)


3.1-07-Existing 2009 Metro Chicago reverse-flow watersheds

2009 Chicago

3.1-08-Metro Chicago April 2013 Flood - Ravenswood and Lawrence geyser (city)

2013 Storm Event (I)

3.1-09-Metro Chicago April 2013 Flood - city underpass

2013 Storm Event (II)

3.1-10-Metro Chicago April 2013 Flood - sinkhole (city)

2013 Storm Event (III)

3.1-11-Metro Chicago April 2013 Flood - Fox River (suburban Geneva)

2013 Storm Event (IV)

3.1-12-Metro Chicago April 2013 Flood - Oak Park-River Forest geyser (suburban)

2013 Storm Event (V)

3.1-13-GLC 2012 restoration proposal to separate Great Lakes and Mississippi River Basins

GLC Restoration Proposal

3.1-14-Chicago 2109 Waste and Storm Water Management I

2109 Water Management (I)

3.1-15-Chicago 2109 Waste and Storm Water Management II

2109 Water Management (II)

3.1-16-Existing 2009 Metro Chicago Waste Water Treatment

Existing Metro Waste Water

3.1-17-Existing 2009 (reverse) City River Flows

Existing City River Flows

3.1-18-Chicago 2109 Metro Chicago Waste Water Treatment

Proposed Metro Waste Water

3.1-19-Chicago 2109 City River Flows

Proposed City River Flows

3.1-20-Chicago River South Branch Remediation at Bubbly Creek

Bubbly Creek Remediation

3.1-21-Chicago 2109 Aerial of Chicago River South Branch at Damen Avenue looking west

Chicago River South at Damen

3.1-22-Existing and Proposed Metro Chicago Waste Water Treatment

Existing and Proposed Metro Waste Water

3.1-23-Existing and Proposed City River Flows - Water Treatment - Pervious Surfaces

Existing and Proposed City Water Conditions

3.1-24-Chicago 2109 Metro Chicago Watersheds

2109 Chicago